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Skipscreen FAQ

Can you add support for []?

Yes! (Though maybe not right away). When you contact us or post a request to getsatisfaction we add these sites to our list and prioritize (mostly) based on the number of requests from users. So if you have a site you want support for, make your voice heard.

Right now, our priorities for new sites are: hotfile, easy-share, 4shared, and, roughly in that order.

Hey, Rapidshare still makes me wait, what gives?

Unfortunately, we can't skip the wait on Rapidshare with Javascript Jedi Mind Tricks because their servers don't make the file available until after the countdown. However... once you click on a rapidshare download link, SkipScreen will do all the work until the file starts downloading.

You can "click-and-forget"... for me that's the important thing. And... you can click multiple links at once, and SkipScreen will auto-reload periodically until Rapidshare lets each one start downloading.

Help!? I think I found a bug!

See this post: How to report a SkipScreen bug. The most important thing is to contact us and include as much information as possible so we can track down the problem.

SkipScreen's behavior on [] is annoying me! Can I shut it off, just for that site?

Yes! Just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you're running the latest version (some older versions don't have preferences).
  2. Click on "Tools" in the Firefox top menu bar — click on "SkipScreen" — Click on "Options"
  3. Uncheck the box next to the site (or feature) you want to turn off.
  4. That's it! Close all the windows and keep on skipping!

Are the links I download made public anywhere?

Definitely not! We realize that people often use these services to share private files (e.g. an unfinished song, or an internal document) and we would never make them public without your explicit permission. For more info on how we respect your privacy, see our privacy policy.

I love SkipScreen! How can I help?

There are four ways you can help:

  1. Tell your friends. Like, all your friends. Most people who try Skipscreen love it instantly... we've just got to spread the word.
  2. Make a donation. If SkipScreen makes your life better, send us $10 so we can keep it alive!
  3. Become a beta tester. We always need help testing the new releases... this mostly entails, um, downloading lots of stuff :)
  4. If you know some javascript, try writing a greasemonkey script for an unsupported site and sending it to us (under an LGPL license). If it looks good, we'll include it!

Does it work as a manager as well? Like, can we put a series of links to be downloaded in row?

Since some sites have download limits and prohibit simultaneous delays, SkipScreen will automatically reload those pages–so multiple tabs will download one after another.

Rapidshare forces me to wait 15 minutes after my first download when I'm using SkipScreen. What gives?

That's not SkipScreen, that's Rapidshare. As far as we know, Rapidshare does not behave any differently for SkipScreen users, but they do impose a 15 minute wait after you reach their limit (a hundred megs or so).

Hey, where's the XPI?

If our site offers you the exe installer, you can always get to the XPI installer by clicking the "other platforms" link below the download button on our home page.